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Ragni - The Feel-Good Factor


“Spazzatoio nuovo spazza ben la casa”

A new broom sweeps cleaner...

For over half a century, Ragni has been designing and producing professional quality tools that combine lasting performance with feel-good functionality: tools that are a pleasure to use –all day and every day! 

The Ragni story begins in Italy - home of the Roman Empire - noted for its opulence, ornate ceilings and, above all, exquisite Venetian plastering.

The traditions of fine workmanship have been handed down by Italian craftsmen across the centuries.

Today, it is fitting that a leading manufacturer of plastering trowels should be based near the region of Venice – Ragni.

Following early success in the European plastering and tiling markets, it was natural for us to move into making bricklaying tools.

Recognising the huge investment required, plus the physical restrictions placed on a factory in the foothills of the Italian Alps, we now have an additional world-class trowel manufacturing plant that meets the company’s high quality standards. 


Top quality stainless steel is selected and imported from both Sweden and Japan to ensure an even wear-rate across the entire surface of the blade of every single Ragni trowel - throughout its long working life.


The status of the Ragni brand emerged within an already competitive “makers market” - end users could only get what the manufacturers chose to produce. But, the company decided to do things differently - Ragni product development became and remains user-led. In other words we work closely with trade professionals - those out there on-site, day in, day out - the plasterers, tilers, bricklayers, builders and restorers. These hands-on tradespeople provide the vital insight and feedback that forms the basis of our creative and practical style of bringing to market new products, offering innovative solutions and choices.

Every new trowel is thoroughly tested by professionals before it gets to market. It’s an opportunity for you to get involved and share in the future of new Ragni fit-for-purpose products. Make it happen - click here to tell us your bright ideas.

It’s the difference that makes a difference…

“Ergonomics” was the big buzzword for many mainstream manufacturers towards the late 90s. But we were not prepared to wait! Back in the mid-1960s it was Ragni that introduced the distinctive swept-back, banana-shaped handle – a highly successful design aimed at reducing wrist strain and fatigue.  

Tradespeople come in all shapes and sizes, most are right-handed some are left–handed, they have differing ways of using or even holding a trowel – clearly one-size-fits-all tools are not the answer! Ragni was the first manufacturer to introduce a 2-handle option: Hi-Lift or Standard-Lift.

“Alla buona derrata, pensaci su”.

The best really costs less

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